Mass Effect 1 Fan Art Poster

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So I actually have my Husband to thank for this idea. I wanted to practice in Adobe Photoshop and develop some more experience in the subject. However, I was having a severe mental block in thinking of ideas to do. He reminded me that I need to have fun with this and to try to do something I’m really passionate about. The Mass Effect series is my all time favorite video game series. Seriously anything Mass Effect and I am absolutely thrilled to see it, experience it, and live it I’m addicted. So he said I should start with the first game and make something related to it. We brainstormed a poster like a movie poster and off I went. It was only until I realized it was 3 am when I looked at the clock and determined I needed to get to bed or I would have stayed up until dawn working on this. But I really enjoyed this little personal project. I hope this is as enjoyable to everyone else as it is for me to see.

For those unfamiliar with the series pictured above some of the aspects of the story in the first game. On the left starts with Commander Shepard followed by, Dr. Liara T’soni followed by, Garrus Vakarian and behind him is the Normandy SR1. Opposite of this group is Saren Arterius; a rogue Citadel agent, Matriarch Benezia; a highly esteemed Asari figure also Liara’s mother, and A Geth juggernaut, a sentient race of machines used by Saren as his own personal Army. Behind this group is the Citadel; The seat of galactic politics of the Milky Way Galaxy, and target of Sovereign (pictured in the center) an ancient and advanced Artificial intelligence with a sinister motive.

I absolutely loved working on this and while there are probably a million corrections I could make I am very happy with how this turned out.


**I’d also like to note for copyright purposes that the images I used in this collage are the IP of Bioware/EA and that this is a personal project and not to be used for monetary gain.